I Am Bigger Than Labour (in Highgate)

London, Haringey Council: Results for Highgate Ward.

The top three get council seats.

1. HARE, Bob (Lib) – 1534
2. PORTESS, Justin (Lib) – 1523
3. WILLIAMS, Neil (Lib) – 1405

4. FORREST, Peter (Con) – 1163
5. ALLEN, David (Con) – 1119
6. MCNEILL, Douglas (Con) – 1068
7. CRISP, Ralph (Ind) – 467
8. EDWARDS, Dickon (Grn) – 424
9. HEATH, David (Lab) – 414
10. SIMON, Barbara (Lab) – 412
11. KEEP, Charles (Grn) – 349
12. JONES, Peter (Lab) – 347
13. LYNCH, Noel (Grn) – 262

My heartfelt thanks to the 424 people in Highgate who voted for me. Added to the other two Green candidates’ results, the Green vote in the ward was 1035, out of the 10487 total votes cast.

This works out as 10% of the ward vote for the Greens. Compared to 3.5% in 2002. So I’m happy there.

I came 8th after three Lib Dems (who held onto their three Highgate ward seats), then the three Tories, then the independent candidate.

And then there’s me. Above all three Labour candidates. Apparently a Green has never beaten a Labour candidate in Haringey before.

The result for Haringey Council as a whole was a Labour hold, but with Lib Dems gaining 11 of their seats. No seats for anyone else. So Labour wins the council. But in Highgate Ward, Dickon Edwards, former Labour voter turned Green, beats Labour. I feel quietly proud about that.

Meanwhile, across the council border in Camden’s own Highgate Ward, the Greens gain two seats. Adrian Oliver and Maya De Souza: two very nice and very hard-working people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. So the ‘all hands to the target wards’ tactic paid off.

By the way, the Web-hating Haringey Council haven’t yet uploaded these results on their own website yet, as of 5.45 am on Friday morning. So this diary is officially a better source of local election results than Haringey Council’s website. They really must get better councillors.