Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dickon his real name?
Yes. Although born Richard Edwards, his parents called him by the archaic derivative of Richard, “Dickon”, from as early as he can recall. He was Dickon Edwards throughout childhood, school and college.

What does he do for a living?
Currently struggling by on National Assistance punctuated with part-time bouts of writing and DJ work until he can finally earn an regular income from a symptom of Being Dickon Edwards.

Where can I buy Orlando / Shelley CDs?
As they’re currently deleted and rare, try Ebay. Ebay has a versatile email notification service, so you can be alerted whenever a specific item goes on sale. The Orlando album, Passive Soul, has gone for about £50 before. If you just want mp3s or naughty CDR copies, you could try making friends with someone at the Stay Beautiful Message Board. Stay Beautiful is a London club known to play Orlando songs, and some of the regulars at the message board are Orlando fans.

Where can I buy Fosca CDs?
Visit the Shinkansen Records website.