Fosca update

Fosca are playing their first ever Spanish gig next month. My first time in Spain, apart from travelling along the southern coast to get to, or from, Tangier.

Date: Fri Sept 12th
Time: Doors 10pm, Fosca onstage 11pm.
Venue: La Pequeña Bety, c/Reina 4, Madrid 28004, Spain. Tel: 91 522 0796

Here’s the flyer:

Here’s an interview I don’t think I’ve mentioned. It’s in Zero Mag. In Swedish:

fosca_zeromag (PDF file)

We’re rehearsing for the Madrid show as a three piece (me, Rachel, Charley Stone).

After that, there’s the new single we recorded on the Swedish tour, which But Is It Art Records will be putting out.

And then… Well, I’m not sure. Maybe nothing more, maybe something else. I think it’s wrong to force oneself to write and record purely for the sake of it, if you’re not actually keen on doing it any more, and it’s not even paying the bills. But it’d also be wrong to say that’s it for my life with music, only to find a new album popping into my head, demanding to be made. We shall see. Best keep an open mind (or else).