DE as DW?

Another appeal to make, this time to my Swedish readers and those connected with the Swedish indie music scene.

The dazzling baroque-pop band Scarlet’s Well, who are fronted by Bid of The Monochrome Set, and with whom I’m an occasional lyricist and ardent fan, are keen to play in Sweden. They want to know if I have any contacts with promoters over there. Well, what happened with Fosca last time was a group of Fosca fans actually became temporary promoters themselves, purely to put us on. I don’t think I really know any proper professional Swedish promoters.
But if any are reading, do please contact Bid and Scarlet’s Well via their webpage.

That’s enough appeals for friends for now. I’ve got a backlog of requests, in fact, from all kinds of people asking me to publicise their projects or help them find collaborators, but this is meant to be a diary, so I must keep such announcements sporadic if I do them at all.
Back to me. A fellow Highgater with a blog consisting entirely of drawings suggested by readers has recently featured me as a subject. Link (with permission)

Donny asks: Please could you draw a picture of Dickon Edwards?

Anna asks: Please would you draw a robot wearing a feather boa and a hat with wax fruit on it?

Decided to combine the modern day dandy that drinks in the local and the robot dolled up for a nice cabaret show. Don’t they look cute together.

Actually, I think he’s drawn me as the fifth Doctor Who wielding a Sonic Screwdriver and a piece of Psychic Paper.