Welcome to the website of Dickon Edwards: writer, diarist, literary student, dysfunctional dandy, flâneur, lyricist, DJ, dilettante, boulevardier, valetudinarian, and former member of the recording artistes Fosca and Orlando.

Mr Edwards has kept a online diary since 1997, which inadvertently has become one of the UK’s longest running blogs. Over the years, the diary has appeared on TV (BBC1’s arts programme, Imagine) and in various periodicals across the world, from the UK’s Select (RIP) to Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter. In 2014 he was featured in the Guardian as one of Travis Elborough’s Top 10 Literary Diarists.


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Extracts from the diary were published in an anthology of London-related diary entries, A London Year. Compiled by Travis Elborough and Nick Rennison (London: Francis Lincoln, 2013).

Among the other diarists in the book are Samuel Pepys, George Eliot, Brian Eno, Virginia Woolf, Alan Bennett, Derek Jarman, Tony Benn, John Betjeman, Michael Palin and Queen Victoria.

More information at http://www.franceslincoln.com/a-london-year





Mr Edwards was featured as one of the 57 modern dandies in I Am Dandy, a large format book featuring beautiful portraits by photographer Rose Callahan alongside written profiles by Nathaniel “Natty” Adams.

Published by Gestalten of Berlin, 2013.

More information at http://shop.gestalten.com/dandy.html





The last Fosca album The Painted Side Of The Rocket was released in 2008 on But Is It Art Records, distributed in the UK by Forte.

It can also be ordered directly from the But Is It Art website.

100 copies came packaged with a limited edition book of lyrics and other writings, The Portable Dickon Edwards. The book is not available separately.

The album is available digitally on iTunes. Alternatively, an MP3 version is on sale at Klicktrack.com

A live album, recorded at the Swedish festival ‘Rip It Up’ in 2007, is available online. More details here.

The Fosca website is here. There’s also a Fosca MySpace page.


The Orlando album from 1997, Passive Soul, is now available to download from iTunes via this link: Orlando - Passive Soul or on MP3 from Amazon.co.uk here. Various b-sides and extras are included.

Amazon Marketplace sometimes carries copies of the original CD. When they do, they’ll be here.


Out now in paperback, published by the wonderful Dedalus Books. DE contributes an account of his first trip to Tangier with Shane MacGowan, plus a set-list from club night Beautiful & Damned, plus a photo of himself with Anne Pigalle, walking a lobster in homage to Gérard de Nerval. Available from Amazon.

“The book is an antidote to bland modernity…includes contributions from contemporary libertines such as Dickon Edwards (pictured with pet lobster), to the godfathers of decadence – The Earl of Rochester. J.K.Huysmans and Oscar Wilde. Five stars.”
– The Leeds Guide Book of the Fortnight

“…’El Hombre Indelible’ by Dickon Edwards has a wonky charm of its own….”
– The Daily Telegraph.


Buy online.

Scarlet’s Well is a baroque-pop band fronted by Bid, formerly of The Monochrome Set. On their fifth album, Black Tulip Wings, Mr Edwards wrote the lyrics to a song called “Narcissus In The Maze”, set to music by Martin White.


The Idle Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow
Idle ThoughtsMr Edwards wrote the Afterword for a new edition of Jerome K Jerome’s 1886 collection of wry essays, The Idle Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow.

Published by Snowbooks at £9.99.
ISBN: 1905005040.